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A small city car doesn’t necessarily have to be just a practical way of moving around in cramped environments. Instead, with the right gear under its hood, it can be a true pocket rocket which, if dressed up accordingly, also looks stunning. One such car is the Abarth 500, based on Fiat’s hugely successful reincarnation of their legendary model from the 60’s. But the particular model being auctioned here is an even more spiced-up Abarth 695 variant, which was built in 2010 and has done only 6,800 kilometers so far. And to add to the exclusivity, this is a rare Tributo Ferrari model, whose production number was limited to 1,695 units. So, let’s see what this exclusive and aggressive-looking car offers…

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Based on a famous and hugely popular Fiat 500, the 695 probably doesn’t need much introduction. What Abarth did is add some massive bumpers front and back accompanied with matching sill covers, rear spoiler, and dual exhaust. And then, to spice it up even more, they fitted details like carbon-fiber mirror covers and eye-catching Tributo Ferrari badge on the rear quarter panels.
This particular Abart 695 is painted in a fiery red color with grey racing strips that start on the hood, extend over the roof, and end on the tailgate. How much the car was driven – or wasn’t, to be more precise – is best shown by the 17-inch wheels, which still have factory-fitted Michelin Pilot tires.


Like on the outside, the car’s interior quickly reveals its true nature. For a start, the front bucket seats, made by a Sabelt, feature a carbon-fiber structure and are extremely supportive. Once seated inside them, the driver will find himself behind a three-spoke leather steering wheel with red accents and stitching. Being a model with an automated transmission, this Abart doesn’t have a gear lever on the center console – instead, there are only several buttons for selecting reverse, drive, or neutral. But there are also paddles on the steering wheel, for when the driver wants to shift the gears manually.

The whole interior is covered with exquisite details, such as carbon-fiber trim pieces, air-con, and stereo with USB connectivity, as well as Tributo Ferrari badges all around.


This aggressive-looking Italian sportster has a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, from which Abarth’s engineers managed to squeeze out an astonishing 180 horsepower. The power is delivered to the front wheels through a semiautomated MTA transmission, which works both in automatic or manual mode. Sure, putting so much power in a car this light will result in some spectacular performance, such as a top speed of more than 220 kilometers per hour. Lastly, to keep all this in check, this Abarth 695 is equipped with a stiffer suspension and larger brakes.

Vehicle’s history

The professional seller, who acquired it just recently, describes the Abarth’s condition as nearly perfect. Apart from having low mileage on the clock, the car was last serviced in January 2023, when the engine oil was changed. Inside and out, there are no signs of wear, damage, or rust, with the only visual flaws being two minor scratches on the right side. These, however, will be professionally repaired at no cost to the future owner once the car is sold.

Lastly, according to the seller, the car, which is currently in Spain, was never involved in an accident, with a corresponding CARFAX Vehicle History Report to prove it. Spanish MOT (ITV) passed and valid until december 2024.

Check the cold start video of this beautiful Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari :


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