Rule 1. Be constructive and not negative

It’s easier to say you don’t like something, and sometimes it can be justified. On the other hand, it is more valuable to say how you could improve it, real value is added when you can specify what is wrong and how to embellish it.


Rule 2. Experience wins

Other readers care much more about your opinion if it comes from relevant experience. If you know the history of a particular vehicle, or a lot about the particular make or model, you’re much more likely to be interesting.


Rule 3. Talk about cars, not others

Everyone has the right to have an opinion, even if you don’t agree with it. Criticisms of the character, taste or general nature of other members have no place.


Rule 4. The market sets the price

Piston Addict is a free market where the seller and buyer determine the price, so saying something is too expensive or too cheap means nothing at all. An item is worth what someone is willing to pay.


Rule 5. If you haven’t read all the rest of the comments, you’re not ready to leave yours.

It’s the digital equivalent of listen before you speak.


Rule 6. No buy, sell or contact information is allowed in the comments section

If you have a car for sale, please submit it to us via the submission form. Purchase requests, email addresses and phone numbers posted in comments
will be deleted.


Rule 7. Everyone is welcome

Our community members are as diverse as the selection of cars we list. Political, misogynistic or homophobic comments are not allowed.


Comment functionality

Modification of comments: comments can be modified by their author after their publication, without time limit. Click on the red “Edit” link provided for this purpose.

Flag as Unconstructive: If a comment violates the rules above, please click the “Report” flag link so it can be reviewed or removed. We review all reported comments and make the final decision on whether they will be reinstated or removed.
We want the conversation on this site to be quality.

First-Time Commenters: All first-time commenters are moderated, and a comment will not be posted to the site until it has been reviewed by Piston Addict staff. After posting a comment for the first time, these will no longer be moderated.


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