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This 2008 Porsche 911 GT2, which has done just under 12,000 kilometers, is sold privately by the owner, who bought it brand-new. It’s powered by a 530-horsepower turbocharged flat-six engine mated to a six-speed automatic. Features include 19” Porsche wheels, Bi-Xenon headlights, ceramic brakes, lightweight bucket seats with racing harnesses, and a factory-installed roll bar. The car is currently in Switzerland, where it has been registered since day one. It was fully serviced recently and now has a set of almost brand-new tires. Apart from a minor bumper scratch in 2013, which was fully repaired, this GT2 is damage-free, with a corresponding carVertical report to confirm that.

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The car in hand is painted black and has Bi-Xenon headlights. But what’s most striking about this Porsche is its aggressive looks. Compared to a standard 911, this GT2 features widened body panels and bumpers, with additional vents for improved cooling. Shiny titanium exhaust tips are another notable detail that separates it from other models. Lastly, a large, black spoiler at the back adds a more aggressive appearance and improves aerodynamics. The car sits on factory 19-inch wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires. These tires were installed on the vehicle in July 2022 and are ideally suited for the application.


On the inside, there are two manually-adjusted, lightweight bucket seats upholstered in flame-retardant fabric and coupled with red racing harnesses. The owner describes them as new, with photos telling the same story. At the back, there is a factory-installed roll bar, which stiffens the chassis and improves safety. The rest of the car’s interior is trimmed in black fabric. Once seated, the driver will find himself behind a four-spoke steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara leather. As in most Porsches, an instrument cluster is dominated by a rev counter, whose redline is 7,000 rpm. Apart from it, it has a speedometer that goes up to 350 KPM and several gauges showing vital running parameters. This includes engine temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level, among other things. The current odometer reading is set to approximately 12,000 kilometers. Lastly, mounted at the center of the dashboard, there’s a stopwatch, which is helpful when doing timed laps.


The mechanics underneath the skin is where the GT2’s character is fully revealed. For a start, it has a 3.6-liter flat-six, used in most of the 997 range. But for application in GT2, this engine is equipped with a pair of variable geometry turbochargers and a direct fuel injection. These upgrades helped increase its output to a massive 530 horsepower. This is delivered to the rear wheels through a traditional 6-speed transmission. Porsche decided to save weight by not fitting an all-wheel-drive system or complex PDK dual-clutch transmission. Lastly, a set of factory-fitted ceramic brakes ensures the GT2 stops as impressively as it goes.

Service History

The owner says the car was regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s schedule, with the last service done in July 2022. Currently, there are no known faults or warning lights on the dashboard. Furthermore, no noticeable scratches, dents, or other bodywork imperfections are present. Lastly, this vehicle is entirely stock, with no aftermarket modifications of any sort done to it. With all that in mind, it can be said this 911 GT2 is in perfect condition, as the owner described it.

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