• Audi R8

    The recipe for an excellent super sports car is, in essence, a simple one. You take a powerful engine, bolt it into a well-balanced chassis, and wrap it up with a stunning-looking body.

  • Villa d’Este 2023 Classic Car show

    In the classic car world, there are numerous high-profile shows. Events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Pebble Beach, or Amelia Island Concours are all well-known and prestigious

  • Triumph TR3A for auction sale

    Over the years, many once famous and influential car makers have gone bust, and we're consequently wiped off the map. This is most evident probably with the British automotive industry,

  • Mercedes W116 S Class for auction sale
    Relaxing comfort, superior technology, and dependable reliability - are just some words that could describe cars made by Mercedes-Benz.
  • Mercedes SL 500 for auction sale
    If you’re looking for a highly-prestigious convertible that’s sporty and extremely luxurious at the same time, the Mercedes SL 500 has to be at the top of your list.
  • Jaguar MKII for auction sale

    Stereotypes and cliches have always been a part of our society, with those about cars and the people driving them not being any exemption. This is especially true for major automotive

  • Porsche 964 Targa for auction sale
    We can all agree that the Porsche 911 is a sports car legend of the highest order.
  • Porsche 912 for auction sale
    Although today the Porsche 911 stands as the ultimate success story of the sports car world, it wasn’t always the case.
  • MG A for auction sale
    The roadsters always captivated the attention of performance-minded enthusiasts with their combination of dynamic design, lively engines, and open-air driving.