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If you’re looking for a sports car that can carry four persons and their luggage, there’s plenty to choose from. But if you want something that’ll set you apart from the mainstream models, then you might like Fisker Karma. It offers all the upsides of an electric car without range anxiety and added weight usually associated with them. Even more, all this techno-wizardry is wrapped in a spectacular-looking body. And on sale here, we have a 2012 model, which is sold by the owner and has done 67,000 kilometers so far. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

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On the outside, starting from the front, Karma features a low-hanging nose with wide grilles and elongated Xenon headlights, giving the car an aggressive stance. This theme continues along the sides, where a muscular silhouette is dominated by massive fenders wrapped around 22-inch wheels. At the Italian supercar wide back, details like elegant taillights and speakers at a place where one would expect to see exhaust tips with chromed caps give Karma a unique road appearance.

The car is painted in Deep Ocean blue, which looks spectacular on clear days when sun rays bring out its flakiness. When speaking of the sun – Karma has solar panels integrated into the roof, meaning it can recharge itself just by being parked outside.


Once inside the car, you’ll find yourself behind a four-spoke leather steering wheel framing a sleek and futuristic instrument cluster. On the left is a speedometer that goes up to 220 km/h. But, on the right, instead of a rev counter, there’s a display battery capacity and whether it’s being charged or the electricity is used for acceleration. The dashboard is fitted with a touch-screen display that serves as a command center for the stereo, navigation, and climate control.

The whole interior is dressed up in a combination of wood, leather, and soft Alcantara, giving it an exquisite feel and look. One thing that catches attention is the massive center tunnel, which is necessary as this is where the batteries are housed.


Stunning as it may look inside and out, the Fisker’s mechanical underpinnings are the most impressive. If you pop up the hood, you’ll find an engine underneath it, just like in any other car. However, this turbocharged 4-cylinder unit is not used to power the wheels. Instead, it acts as a generator that charges the batteries when they need topping up.

The car is propelled by two electric motors, which work in pairs to deliver power to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential. This combo can give up to 409 horsepower and a whopping 1300 N-m of torque, giving Karma performance that matches its look.

Because Fisker didn’t want the car to be too heavy, as this would compromise handling, the batteries and the resulting range in all-electric mode are not too extensive. When fully charged, Karma can cover approximately 80 kilometers using electricity only. But honestly, this is probably more than enough for most daily commutes, and there’s always a gasoline-powered engine as a backup generator.

Vehicle’s history

In the end, a few words about the Fisker’s condition, which the seller describes as excellent. And, to be honest, the photos and the short video tell the same story. The car was last serviced in November 2023, and has no flaws or errors, apart from the Tire Pressure warning on the dashboard. This is, apparently, because the vehicle is currently on 21-inch aftermarket Schmid wheels, while the TPMS system is programmed to work with the OEM summer 22-inch setup. The owner says the car can be recalibrated so it recognizes alternative tire dimensions, but didn’t bother with that, as he rarely drives it during winter. Furthermore, all airbags were replaced in 2022 as a part of a large Takata airbag recall.

Now, this being an electric hybrid car may raise some concerns about the condition of the batteries, as these are very expensive to replace. But, according to the seller, there is nothing to worry about, because the battery has been checked by a certified Fisker Karma technician in August 2023, who had confirmed it’s still at its full performance. The car comes with its original mobile charger, which connects to the 220 V socket, and a hand OBD2 code reader. The Austrian technical inspection is successfuly passed and valid until August 2024.

One futur maintenance-wise note – while the only European authorized dealer is in the Netherlands, there is an option to have their skilled specialist flown to your location, where he takes care of anything that needs doing (provided the repair can be done on-site).

Lastly, the seller, who bought it in 2019, says the car never had an accident nor had it been used on race track, which can be additionally confirmed by a corresponding Vehicle History Report. Also worth mentioning, the seller will provide the Certificate of Conformity, if the buyer wants to move the vehicle outside Austria, where this Fisker has been registered since day one.

Check the cold start video of this great Fisker Karma :

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  1. Kent

    I live in the third, near Stadtpark. Is there any way that I could see and inspect the car prior to bidding?


    • Piston Addict

      Hello Kent, thank you for your message. The car is in Austria but not in Vienna, and, unfortunately, it is not possible to inspect the car before the auction. However, Piston Addict sells only vehicles that have been carefully selected, in mint condition, pictures and video can testify it. Also, we are in direct contact with the seller so if you need any more picture(s) or video, we can of course ask and add it to this auction page, do not hesitate.


  2. Anders

    Two set of wheels or just the aftermarket wheels? Thanks.


    • Piston Addict

      At the moment, winter tyres are mounted on aftermarket aluminium wheels.
      In addition, there are 4 orginal Fisker wheels on summer tyres.


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