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One of the most exciting aspects of the EV revolution is that we can reinvent classic cars and give them a new lease on life. Retrofitting a classic vehicle with an ultra-modern electric drivetrain is a step beyond restoration and a unique way to match that recognizable shape with 21st-century technology. Today, we are proud to present such a car – the Land Rover Defender EV, the first classic Defender converted to an electric vehicle by the Swiss company Revive.

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Car History

In the world of off-road vehicles, the Land Rover Defender is an undisputable icon. A true automotive hero and a model that still symbolizes ruggedness, dependability, and a go-anywhere attitude. As such, it is still a dream car of millions of off-road fans worldwide. However, classic models, as cool and charming as they are, are obsolete in today’s traffic and environmentally-concerned world. Swiss company Revive has found a solution for that and converted this example to modern electric power, which completely transformed the feel of this classic vehicle and enhanced its capabilities. This particular example was produced in 1999 in desirable, three-door form and delivered new in Switzerland. Acquired by the seller in 2021, it was the subject of a thorough retrofitting process by Revive in 2022, which resulted in the first Defender EV conversion in Switzerland. The original diesel engine was replaced by Netgain Hyper 9 electric motor with 66 kW (100 hp) accompanied by a 44 kWh battery pack. Interestingly, the electric motor has been attached to the original manual transmission and 4×4 drive train. This Defender has a unique combination of electric power and a stick shift gearbox, improved performance, more torque, and a range of about 120 to 130 km (up to 80 miles).


Apart from the central display, the interior of this unique Land Rover Defender is of the period and in excellent condition. The seats are covered in cloth, and the back has cool-looking rumble seats. The dashboard looks the same as the original. It has a few additional switches, an upgraded audio system, and a fuel gauge that has been converted to show the amount of electricity in the batteries, which is an excellent custom detail. Even though the Defender now has a battery pack, it didn’t lose any of its practicality or interior space.


This legendary off-roader has covered 187,654 km from new until it was converted by Revive. This particular example has been chosen for its condition, lack of damage, or rust, which are all common classic Defender issues. Since the conversion, the Defender has covered just almost 10 000 kilometers and is ready to cover many more since its motor is brand new. Currently, the odometer sits at just over 197,500 kms. A comprehensive documentation file comes with the car, along with the documentation and guarantee from the Revive company. The vehicle was thoroughly serviced just before the conversion process 2022, with brakes being overhauled just a few days ago in November of 2023. It is essential to say that this Defender has passed the Swiss technical inspection, has been registered, and comes with a three-year warranty from the Revive, which shows that the overall condition is fantastic and that the vehicle is absolutely fit for any use on and off-road.

 Exterior and Wheels

From the outside, this Defender EV looks like any other Land Rover from the same vintage, and the only things that set it apart are the stickers and charging port instead of the fuel filler cap. With original 16-inch wheels wrapped in off-road Nokian tires (dating from 2021), it is capable of tackling any terrain. There are no dings, scratches, or rust, and the gray paint is original.


The owner sells this vehicle with appropriate documentation, and is located in Switzerland. The Car Vertical report is clean; no proof of accidents, accident repairs, ownership, or legal problems exist. There are records of regular maintenance, original factory brochures, bills of sale, and receipts. The car comes with proper documentation from Revive, a written 3-year electric motor and battery pack warranty, and a technical inspection by the Swiss authorities. A comprehensive user manual and insurance documentation are also provided with the car. All of that means that this Defender EV is fully road-legal, ready to export, and can be used anywhere.

Check the cold start video of this very interesting Land Rover Defender full electric :


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  1. Fabien


    Could you give me some more information on this vehicle ?

    There have been many announcements and discussions about “incredible” retrofitted Defenders. But I haven’t seen many of them on the roads and working properly?

    What is your experience so far with this electric Defender?




    • Piston Addict

      Here is the feedback of the current owner :
      “I have been driving this Defender 90E (the first approved in Switzerland!) for 1 year and it works perfectly. Thanks to a retrofit at in Bienne, it has been 100% electric since 2022. A Netgain Hyper 9™ LV (66 Kw) electric motor replaces the original combustion engine and is connected directly to the existing transmission with an adapter.
      This vehicle offers an incredible driving sensation (manual gears retained) which combines electric power and the original off-road capabilities of a Defender.
      To convince you? Watch this short video of the Defender 90E in action in the Swiss Alps:


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