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Fisker Karma is not only a revolutionary hybrid but also one of the coolest-looking cars from the 21st century. With just over 3000 made, it is scarce, but this one is even rarer. The silver 2012 Karma we offer today is a 1 of 100 Signature Edition model and was even personally signed by Henrik Fisker, the company’s owner. If you are looking for a collector’s dream, this is it.

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Car History

Before the Karma exploded on the market in 2011, hybrids were pretty dull and unexciting vehicles. But then, Fisker presented the Karma with an eye-catching design, low silhouette, muscular stance, and unique shapes. It was and still is something extraordinary. Under the seductive bodywork lay the host of innovative tech. The main engine is a turbocharged 2.0-liter from GM with 260 hp and two electric motors on the rear axle. A 20.1 kWh battery pack feeds the electric motors with 120 kW each (403 hp).

Interestingly, the batteries are placed in the car’s center, giving the Karma a low center of gravity and excellent road holding. The principle of working is also unique. The vehicle, automatic transmission, had a range of about 80 km using electric power alone. However, when the batteries are drained, the driver will activate the petrol engine, which powers the generator feeding the electric motors. So, Karma is a gasoline-electric hybrid with a heavy emphasis on the electric part. This model was delivered to a member of the Fisker family and one of the original investors, making it an extraordinary part of company history.


The interior of this particular example features a combination of black and tan leather, making it a charming place to be. There are no scratches on the seats, and everything is functional. It is equipped with an optional infotainment system with a display on the dashboard.


With 80,000 km, entire service history, only one owner, this Karma is in ideal condition. There are no accidents or damages, and the interior is in new condition. Interestingly, Karma is equipped with a solar panel roof, transforming solar power into electricity and turning off the battery when needed. In this example, the solar roof is present and in perfect working condition. This particular example is #61 out of 100 made with the Signature Edition package, which is essential since its history can be tracked within the Fisker community. Since this example has historical significance, it has been serviced by one of the top Fisker specialists in the world, with regular maintenance records available. The last service and oil change was performed in October 2023, with the brakes being overhauled just a few days ago in December 2023.

Exterior and Wheels

The unique silver paint perfectly matches the two-tone interior without scratches and dents. The car will be delivered with 21-inch winter tires in perfect condition. 22-inch wheels with summer tires are extra cost. The tires are from 2023.


The private seller sells this vehicle with appropriate documentation located in Germany. The CarVertical report is clean; no proof of accidents, accident repairs, ownership, or legal problems exist. There are records of regular maintenance, bills of sale, and receipts. There is no factory warranty available for this model.

Check the cold start video of this beautiful Fisker Karma silver Signature :

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