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Ferrari’s V12 GTs were always sublime driving machines capable of jumping continents at high speed and providing impressive comfort, and this 1988 412 is no different. The desirable late model features all ingredients of an excellent investment Ferrari with a powerful V12 engine, perfect color combo, and immaculate condition with just 37,000 kilometers from new.

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Car History

The Ferrari 412 was introduced in 1985 as the company’s top-of-the-line GT product, featuring room for four passengers and spacious trunk space. Powered by the classic Colombo V12 engine, displacing 4.9 liters, it represents one of the final iterations of the classic Ferrari GT era. With 340 hp on tap, powering rear wheels through Borg-Warner automatic gearbox, this Ferrari 412 can reach 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds and accelerate all the way to 260 km/h top speed. This particular example is one of the last produced, delivered to the first owner in November of 1988. Production ended in 1989 after 576 cars were delivered, and only 306 with automatic transmissions. The last service was performed in April 2021, and the car has been barely used since.

Car Condition

What makes this elegant GT so appealing is its condition. With less than 37,000 kilometers from the new, it is a perfectly preserved example of ’80s Ferrari elegance. This car was never restored, and it is in its remarkable original condition, right down to original wheels, tool kit (appreciated detail amongst the Ferrari collectors), and factory-correct tires, which are pretty unusual nowadays. This Ferrari 412 was adequately maintained and garage-kept, which is one of the reasons why it looks as new. There are no oil leaks in the undercarriage, the engine bay is tidy, and all the original stamps and markings are present.


As expected, the interior of this 1988 Ferrari 412 is covered in leather, and a color combination of the black exterior with tan seats is especially appealing. There are no visible damages, and the seats, door cards, and dashboard are in immaculate condition. Of course, as a luxurious GT, which this Ferrari 412 certainly is, the interior is full of creature comforts, power accessories, and working climate control. The only thing which is not original is the audio system head unit which is swapped for the modern one.

Exterior and Wheels

All exterior trim pieces, moldings, and plastic components look in perfect shape, and there is no rust, as you might expect from a vehicle that was well-cared for. There are no scratches or dings, and the paint is in ideal condition. Interestingly, the car retains the original wheels and TRX rubber, which it had when new. Some of the Ferrari 412 owners changed wheels to more modern ones since TRX tires are hard to find, but the owner of this example stayed true to the original specification, which is a nice touch and shows how well the car was looked after.


This is a privately-owned vehicle with appropriate documentation located in London, UK. The CarVertical report is clean; no proofs of accidents, accident repairs, or legal problems exist. There are records of regular maintenance.

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  1. Piston Addict

    Check the cold start of that awesome Ferrari 412 :

  1. pistonaddict

    Check the cold start of that awesome Ferrari 412 :


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