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If the Ferrari 458 Italia was the naturally aspirated perfection, the successor, the 488 Italia, was a turbocharged masterpiece. The 458 Italia set extremely high standards for the mid-engine sportscar class, but Ferrari managed to exceed the expectations with the 488 GTB. Incredibly potent, aggressive, and fast, the 488 GTB is a true connoisseur’s sports car, equally at home on the Autobahn and on the track. The example we have on sale is one of the best available.

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Car History

Replacing the 458 Italia in 2015, Ferrari introduced the 488 GTB, which was the first turbocharged, mid-engine V8 Ferrari since the legendary F40. Even though the 488 GTB was down on displacement, having only a 3.9-liter V8, it had 100 hp more than the 458 Italia, at an astonishing 670 hp. But what was even more exciting was the torque figure, which is impressive at 760 Nm and guarantees lightning-fast acceleration, instant throttle response, and unbelievable driving dynamics. The 100 km/h is achievable in just 3 seconds, and the 330 km/h top speed sounds incredible. With low mileage, exciting options, and carbon brakes, the 488 GTB we offer is a true driver’s spec model ready to astound you with the sheer power, refinement, and driving dynamics of a fighter jet.


Since this Ferrari was meticulously kept, the black leather and Alcantara interior are in very good shape with no traces of use. The original owner of this car opted for performance options like carbon-back seats with a combination of leather and Alcantara, a digital display on the steering wheel, and carbon interior inserts. All of these look perfectly good, with no scratches, and add to the performance feel of this car. There are no modifications, and everything is fully functioning as expected.


Initially, this Ferrari 488 GTB was delivered in April 2016 to its first owner in France and acquired by the seller in 2022. This supercar is in immaculate condition, with just 20,500 kilometers on the odometer. The car was never raced, tracked, or involved in any accidents. Always carefully maintained, with the brakes overhauled in late November 2023 and the last full service performed in May of the same year. Future owners will be glad to know that this example is covered by an extended Ferrari warranty (the Ferrari Power), which is transferable. The maintenance was always performed by an authorized dealer, and it is documented. However, one of this particular car’s selling points is its long list of optional extras. This 488 GTB has an ATF system, ceramic brakes with painted brake calipers, carbon fiber door panels and seats, front and rear PDC, suspension lifter, and carbon inserts. All of which makes it a unique car with ideal driver’s spec.

Exterior and Wheels

Finished in a striking shade of Grigio Silverstone, this 488 GTB has a matching black interior, which makes it quite the site. Although not red, it is even more beautiful and discrete in dark gray. Of course, the bodywork is without any scratches and dents. With factory 20-inch wheels wrapped in brand-new and correct Pirelli tires, this fantastic 488 GTB is ready to transform its 670 hp into a unique driving experience.


The professionnal sells this vehicle with appropriate documentation, located in France. The CarVertical report is clean; no proof of accidents, accident repairs, ownership, or legal problems exist. There are records of regular maintenance, bills of sale, and receipts. An extended factory warranty with this model for 12 months and a Certificate of Conformity (worth 2000 euros) are additional proof that this is a top-notch collector’s vehicle.

Check the cold start video of this beautiful Ferrari 488 GTB :

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