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The car being on sale here is arguably one of the best-performing models in its class – the iconic Audi R8. It was, and still is, Ingolstadt manufacturer’s first attempt at the supercar market, which proved to be a huge success. According to the seller, this vehicle is fully serviced and hasn’t had any accidents, with a matching CarVertical report that backs this up. Moreover, it has done less than 50,000 km so far, which is not much for a car like this. Lastly, this Audi R8 V10 plus Quattro of 2015 is currently located in Belgium, where it has been registered since it was new. You can make an offer on that car by contacting us.

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With a bright red finish and black details, Painted bright red, this Audi R8 won’t be left unnoticed wherever it shows up. In addition, things such as the chromed grille and carbon-fiber mirror caps only enhance its appearance. But, frankly speaking, the R8 is a stunning car in any color and regardless of the presence of such details.

The bottom line is that with R8, German designers have achieved a nearly perfect blend of aggressiveness and subtleness. It’s hard to believe this is more-or-less Lamborgini Aventador underneath, which is far more flashier and flamboyant. So, if you’re looking for a capable sports car but don’t want to look like a show-off, the R8 is one of the best bets. Some of the remaining note-worthy details this 2-seater offers include a massive rear spoiler and factory-fitted 20-inch wheels with brand-new Good Year Eagle tires.


The interior of this particular R8 is dominated by a combination of black leather, red stitching, and carbon-fiber trim pieces. The seats, which look as if they’ve just left the factory, are supportive and comfortable and the same time. Then, there’s a leather-wrapped, 3-spoke steering wheel with control buttons for all essential functions. This, apart from the regular ones, such as those for stereo or trip computers, includes the button for drive mode selection, launch control, and exhaust tune.

Behind the steering wheel is a digital instrument cluster, which, besides the basic information, can show a lot more. This includes navigation, rearview camera, and stereo, which, by the way, is made by the world-famous Bang&Olufsen.


Underneath the subtle and elegant skin, this second-generation R8 has a stiffer and lighter chassis made from aluminum and carbon fiber. But the most significant part of this car is, predictably, its engine, a powerful 5.2-liter V10. And being what Audi calls a Plus model, it produces 610 horsepower and 560 Nm of torque, which is delivered to all wheels through a Quattro system and 7-speed automatic. With all that, this R8 will go from 0 to 100 in approximately 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 329 km/h. And to ensure a stopping power matching all this speed, there are massive brakes all around.

Vehicle’s History

According to the seller, this Audi R8 was last serviced in October 2022, while the brakes were overhauled just a few days ago. Moreover, there are no known faults or warnings on the dashboard. Lastly, judging by the provided photos, there are no bodywork imperfections to be reported.


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