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Even though this beautiful Interceptor looks pretty stock from the outside, it has an exciting secret. Supercharged V8 engine with 600 hp and earth-shattering performance wrapped in one of the most beautiful designs of the 70s. This is a proper British restomod GT with an American heart, ready to outrun anything in its way.

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Car History

This particular Jensen Interceptor was delivered to the original owner back in March of 1972. It was powered by a massive 440 CID Chrysler V8 engine pumping just 280 hp due to tightening emission standards of the day. The Mk3 models (introduced in 1971) were known for their plush interiors, long list of standard equipment, and smooth driving dynamics. However, as most of the Interceptors continued to live their lives as a part of classic car collections, this example got an extensive makeover, a new lease on life, and a massive power upgrade. Transforming it from a ’70s cruiser to a 21st-century muscle machine, ready to surprise Porsche owners on the highway. The British company JIR performed a complete transformation keeping the original lines but extensively upgrading the mechanics.

Car Condition

With less than 10,000 miles since completely rebuilt, this Jensen Interceptor R is in immaculate condition throughout. Since this is a prime example of a successful restomod, the specifications are particularly interesting. The cost of building this car exceeded 200,000 pounds, so the list of modifications, custom components, and unique parts is extensive. This exact Interceptor R is widely regarded as the most developed Jensen in the world. Under the hood is a 6.2-liter V8 from Corvette ZR1, which delivers over 600 hp and sends the power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission. Such power required a set of AP brakes, revised suspension, and much more. The result is a fantastic machine that can reach 100 km in just over 4 seconds and comfortably cruise at high speeds.


In the interior, the understatement was the key with classic dash layout and trim but with upgraded seats, technology, and finest leather upholstery. The burgundy color works perfectly with a two-tone exterior. Classic Jensen owners would tell you those cars had tricky electronics and often complex systems when they were new. Fortunately, this example benefited from a full makeover, modern components, features, working climate control, and a premium audio system.

Exterior and Wheels

Finished in an elegant, two-tone combination, this 1972 Interceptor R looks pretty stock, but as soon as you look at the details, you will see that it’s anything but. The wheels are custom-made and closely resemble the original design but are wider and bigger. The side vent was added to help cool down the powerful engine, and different grille and badges were discretely added. Those who know a thing or two about classic Interceptors know that those cars were rust prone, but this example, after all the work that was put in, is practically a new vehicle without any such problems.


This is a privately-owned vehicle with appropriate documentation located in London, UK. The CarVertical report is clean; no proofs of accidents, accident repairs, or legal problems exist. There are records of regular maintenance. Future owners would like to know that this particular example is a celebrity car, being tested by the famous Jeremy Clarkson and featured in Top Gear in 2011/2012.

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