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Volkswagen’s eponymous Beetle was one of the deifying cars of the 20th century and still one of the best starter classics. But, its convertible version is much rarer, cooler, and perfect for that open-air coastal drive with an unmistakable flat-four soundtrack. If you are smitten by classic Beetle lines but are looking for one that has better drivability and power, this is the perfect car for you. A more desirable, later model 1303 Convertible with a more powerful and fuel-injected engine, ready for the summer season.

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If the standard Volkswagen Beetle was an economy model that put the world on wheels, its convertible version was always the more upscale and prestigious. First of all, it was produced by the famous body shop Karmann and featured many modifications over the standard model. This wasn’t just a drop-top Beetle; it was a completely different car with chassis enhancements, different doors, windshields, and specific panels. Towards the end of a lengthy production run, the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible got an upgraded engine, front disc brakes and more features, making it a better and more competent open-top cruiser. Today, we are proud to present such a car. A 1979 Volkswagen 1303 Convertible in a unique, triple-white color scheme with a 1.6-liter fuel injection engine and in entirely original condition. Originally sold in the US, this late-model Beetle convertibles were marketed as Super Beetle and are amongst the more desirable examples due to better equipment and a 48 hp engine with a top speed of 130 km/h (82 mph). This particular car was produced in December 1979, making it one of the very last Beetle convertibles, with production ending in early 1980. Volkswagen sold just 4,572 1303 Convertibles in 1980, very few in Tripple-White, and this is one of them. Those late models have several unique design features that make them even more practical and enjoyable. For example, a bigger front luggage compartment and a slightly curved windshield reduced wind noise, mainly when driven with the roof down.


The white vinyl seats are in excellent condition, and the interior of this eye-catching Beetle is entirely original. With a wood-trimmed dashboard, unique steering wheel, and improved ergonomy, this is the most upscale driver environment of any classic Beetle. The dashboard isn’t cracked; the audio system has charming 80s Blaupunkt cassette unit.

Car Condition

With just 94,000 kilometers and a couple of careful owners, this 1303 Convertible benefited from restoration and has retained the original, numbers-matching engine and transmission. The overall condition is close to perfect, with everything in working order and no rust spots or discoloration. The last service was performed in October 2023 and the car passed the annual 2024 technical inspection without any problems. On cars like this, the vinyl roof is often problematic, but we are happy to report that even this is in perfect condition with no rips or leaks. The undercarriage is as clean as the body, with no rust issues. The car was restored professionally to the highest standards with original parts and maintained by a VW specialist. Since the restoration, the vehicle has been kept in a climate-controlled garage.

Exterior and Wheels

The signature white color is in ideal condition, and the triple-white color scheme is original and rare. The wheels are original 15-inch items with chrome hub caps wrapped in brand new (DOT 2023) and appropriately sized (175/70/R15) rubber.


The private seller sells this vehicle with appropriate documentation in the Netherlands. Dutch MOT (APK) is valid until August 2024. There are records of regular maintenance, bills of sale, and receipts. The documentation includes the original owner title, brochures, VW classic expertise and registration papers. There is no factory warranty available for this model.

Check the cold start video of this beautiful convertible Beetle Triple White :



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  1. Andrew Herd

    I am lookingfor a vw cabrio of this model for a long time but the prices are always to high.


  2. Andrew Herd

    I am really interested in this beetle


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