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Fisker Karma will always be remembered as one of the most interesting and one of the first hybrids globally available. With its unique design, powerful drive train, great features, and very low production figures, Karma is, in fact, the first collectible car of the modern EV/Hybrid era. Future classic? Definitely!

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Car History

The Fisker Karma, a testament to the genius of Henrik Fisker, was unveiled in 2011. This plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) not only pushed the boundaries of automotive design and technology but also captured hearts with its striking aesthetics, luxurious interior, and innovative engineering. While hybrids were not a novelty at the time, Karma redefined perceptions, transforming them from mundane to aspirational. It seamlessly merges performance and sustainability, making hybrids both environmentally friendly and stylish, and exhilarating to drive. Powered by a potent combination of a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine and dual electric motors, the Karma boasted impressive performance figures. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 5.9 seconds and a top speed exceeding 200 km/h showcased its sports car pedigree. Yet, it achieved these feats while maintaining commendable fuel efficiency. Beyond its performance, Karma’s design became its defining characteristic. Its graceful lines and commanding presence turned heads wherever it went, earning it admiration from car enthusiasts worldwide. This specific model, a second-series iteration from 2013, holds a place of rarity and exclusivity. Among the 2,349 Fisker Karmas made, this particular one is among the final batch, bearing the serial number 2,259. A rare gem, only 188 vehicles worldwide boast this unique combination of color and rims.


With just 82,080 km, accompanied by a comprehensive service history and only a couple of devoted owners, this Karma stands in pristine condition. As for fuel efficiency, Fisker’s assertion of an electric-only range exceeding 80 km is well-founded, making it suitable for daily commutes. Moreover, remarkable figures emerge when utilizing petrol and electric power, averaging a mere 4.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. Prospective buyers will appreciate the meticulous maintenance of this vehicle, as evidenced by the comprehensive service records. An oil change was done in late 2022, complete service in March 2024, and a brake system overhaul in May 2024 to ensure that this elegant black Karma is in top condition. The most important thing to mention is that the battery was over in 2017 when the current owner bought the car—which means that future owners will have a trouble-free ownership experience.


The combination of black leather and Alcantara perfectly matches the exterior, but the most important thing is that the interior is in as-new condition with no rips, damages, or modifications. The infotainment and audio systems are present, and frameless doors add to this sedan’s sporty and coupe feel. Due to its specific construction, Karma sits low and provides the passengers with more interior space than the competitors. Every feature, like heated seats, is functional and in working condition.

Exterior and Wheels

The shiny black paint is in top condition with no scratches, dings, or damage. The unique solar roof is present and functional and still serves as one of this model’s most remarkable features. This Karma is equipped with optional 22-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires on the front wheels and Goodyear tires on the rear. The front tires were mounted in March 2024 and are in as-new condition. The only repair done to the exterior is refurbishing the unique-looking wheels so they look like they were just delivered.


This car is located in Switzerland and is sold by a private party. The CarVertical report is clean; no proof of accidents, accident repairs, ownership, or legal problems exists. There are records of regular maintenance, bills of sale, and receipts. There is no factory warranty available for this model.

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