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In car history, Pontiac will be remembered as GM’s exciting brand, with a lineup of powerful muscle cars, elegant shapes, and innovative designs. The 1979 Bonneville sits at the top of the model lineup and marks the end of an era for full-size sedans. With unmatched style, plenty of space, and an array of luxury features, this sedan is a prime example of a classic American automobile.

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Car History

In GM’s nomenclature, Pontiac Bonneville had a special place. Even though it was closely related to the more mundane Chevrolet Impala and Caprice, unique design features, upscale luxury, and performance alure clearly set it apart from the rest of the breed. Since the first Bonneville model was introduced in 1958, this nameplate has had special allure amongst US car fans. Despite being less powerful than its predecessors, the 1979 Bonneville was considered one of the best sedans on the market and the top choice for discriminating enthusiasts who want a blend of luxury and performance. This sixth generation was introduced in 1977 and sold through 1981 before GM replaced it with a smaller and not-so-attractive model. That is why this particular Bonneville is so interesting. Not only is it one of the last true Pontiac sedans, but it is also an example with a unique story and is in immaculate condition. Since it is a Bonneville Brougham (top-of-the-line model), it is also quite rare, and Pontiac made only about 17,300 examples that year. Under the hood is an optional 350 V8 (5.7 liters) with 170 hp mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

This particular example was originally sold in Mexico in 1979 and immediately after imported to Spain. That is why it has a speedometer in kilometers and other specific details. The owner imported it and used it sporadically, so the car only covered 31,000 kilometers. The current owner acquired it in 2019 from the family of the original owner and restored the vehicle (paint job and few details), which brought this sought-after sedan to a new condition.


When you sit behind the wheel of a 1979 Pontiac Bonneville, your ideas of what a luxury interior is will immediately change. Massive and comfy velour seats, loads of interior space, chrome details, and quietness are unmatched even by many never cars. The caramel-colored upholstery and carpets perfectly suit the woodgrain inserts and exterior color, and it is a prime example of Detroit’s aesthetics of the late 70s. It is also a well-optioned vehicle with power windows and mirrors, automatic A/C converted to modern gas, stereo system, and cruise control. Everything is fully functional and without any damage.

Car Condition

With precisely 31,619 kilometers on the odometer, this Bonneville Brougham was always garage-kept and under a unique cover when not in use. Due to the recent respray in its original color, we can safely say that the vehicle is in as-new condition. The chrome details are shiny; all the trim is in perfect condition with original wheels and period-correct tires. The car was serviced, the oil was changed, and the brakes were overhauled in April of 2024, while some electrical work was performed in 2021. Considering mileage, condition, and providence, this could be the best 1979 Bonneville Brougham. This car has passed the ITV technical inspection which is valid until 2028.

Exterior And Wheels

The bodywork is flawless after professional and correct new paint in the original color. The repaint was successful since the body was perfectly preserved with no corrosion, damage, or repairs. With original wire wheels, the owner mounted the characteristic and original whitewall tires in 2021.


The vehicle is located in Spain and comes with an extensive documentation file, including receipts from maintenance, documentation from Spanish vehicle inspection, approval for classic car status, and so on. There are no records of damage, theft recovery, or insurance claims. The documentation covers the vehicle from day one and is filled with proof of exceptional care.

Check the cold start video of this immaculate Pontiac Bonneville of 1979 :

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