Several solutions are available to you if you wish to have your vehicle transported.

You can do it on your own or use professional transport services such as towing, conveying, flatbed or truck transport or finally maritime transport.

1- Vehicle towing

This type of transport is appropriate for short distances, at low speed. To tow your vehicle, you will need to:

  • Use an approved pull-up bar for maximum safety;
  • Be accompanied by a driver in the towed vehicle;
  • Drive at a maximum of 50 km/h and only use the secondary axes;
  • Provide a towing vehicle heavier than the towed vehicle;
  • Use the warnings, be careful and adopt a flexible driving style.

2- Transport a vehicle on a platform

This option is suitable for transporting your vehicle over long distances in complete safety. You can choose to have your vehicle transported on a flatbed truck, preferably covered, to protect the bodywork during transport.

3- Vehicle transport by truck

This is the same principle as transporting by a flatbed truck, but in this case your vehicle is transported in the trailer of the truck. This alternative is possible even if you only have one vehicle to transport. This option is economical; the best players on the market offer lead times of one to two weeks from order taking to delivery.

4- Vehicle conveyance

For conveyance to be possible, the vehicle must be mobile, in good working order and well maintained. A conveyor is assigned to your needs and drives the vehicle from departure to destination.

It is a quick alternative without going through different loading or unloading platforms but more expensive.

5- Sea transport

The transport of cars by ro-ro ship (or RO-RO) represents a large majority of sea freight for vehicles. The vehicles are parked there for the duration of the transport. It is the most economical and sometimes fastest mode of car shipping.

Using a shipping agent is often mandatory to be able to send a vehicle to a foreign country. This will take care of the administrative procedures at the port of departure, but also at the port of arrival.


  • The purchase invoice for the vehicle;
  • A copy of your identity document;
  • The vehicle registration document;
  • The transfer certificate;
  • The non-pledge certificate;
  • The completed and signed certificate of value ( download it ).

Depending on the country of destination, other documents may be required. Do not forget to ask your carrier if taxes, duties and customs clearance fees are included in the quote presented.


The rates naturally vary from one carrier to another: several elements are taken into consideration by the vehicle transport company to calculate the transport costs:

  • The type of vehicle;
  • The mode of transport ;
  • The distance between the two countries;
  • The deadline for sending and the period of the year.

You will remain responsible for the transport insurance, which will be offered to you by the transport company, as well as the customs fees and taxes which must be paid.

Land transport is the most convenient way to send a vehicle, especially between bordering countries. Maritime transport has the advantage of being economical but slower.


Now that you know everything there is to know about transporting vehicles, here are some tips that are always good to follow, before entrusting your vehicle to the transport company of your choice:

  • Deactivate the alarm if there is one, to prevent it from going off during transport;
  • Charge the battery to the maximum, so that it does not completely discharge during transport;
  • Empty the fuel tank as much as possible, as a safety measure;
  • Be careful not to leave any objects in the vehicle;
  • Keep evidence of the vehicle’s condition before handing it over to the carrier;
  • Take out insurance to have a money-back guarantee in the event of a problem during transport;
  • Keep the originals of the vehicle registration certificate, the certificate of ownership, and the certificate of non-pledge;
  • Keep a spare of the vehicle keys with you. And above all, do not forget to send the duplicate keys once the vehicle has been received by the buyer.

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